FAQ & Help

Here to Guide and Assist on Your Electric Journey

Using Shahin

A: Easy! Look for the color-coded markers on the app map: blue means available, grey indicates offline, and red means in use. You can refine your search using the filter feature on the top right for things like connector type, power output, and availability.

A: Absolutely. Just pick a Charge Point on the app at the desired charger location and start your reservation.

A: You can see real-time status updates right on our app’s map or when viewing details for a specific Charge Point.

A: You can manage this either through the app or by using an RFID card for both AC and DC chargers. For DC chargers, give it up to two minutes to chat with your car before charging commences.

A: You can buy credits or subscriptions directly through our app, and we accept credit cards for payments.

A: To add your RFID cards, pair them with a Shahin-operated charger. Save your favorite locations by tapping the heart icon at the Charge Point view.

A: Of course! You can subscribe to our newsletter and enable notifications in the app settings.

A: AC Chargers are slower, while DC chargers offer higher output and faster charging. DC chargers need a bit of time—up to 120 seconds—to communicate with your car before charging begins.


Charging Issues

A: First, ensure you’re following all steps correctly. If you’re still facing issues, reach out to our helpline at +971 04 834 7374.

A: The plug locks when charging starts as a security measure and stays locked throughout charging. Your car, not the charger, controls this locking and unlocking.

A: Check if the plug is under tension or the cable is too tight, which might prevent its release. Follow your vehicle’s instructions to unlock the connector. If all else fails, give our helpline a call.

A: If the charger is busy, hang tight. If you think it’s being blocked by and ICE Vehicle, call our helpline. If it’s unavailable, try again later—it might just be a temporary internet issue.

A: There could be a few reasons, like the connector/plug not properly locking into the port, a delay between payment authorization and plugging in, or the vehicle not being properly switched off.

A: Many factors can affect charging speed, including battery temperature, outside temperature, driving speed before arrival, and battery preconditioning. Each electric vehicle has a maximum charging speed that may be less than the charging station’s max speed.

A: This can happen because the charging process itself uses some energy, especially for keeping the battery cells at the optimal temperature. Other power-consuming devices like the radio or A/C can further increase the discrepancy.

A: Try a different charging point at the station. If you still can’t charge, our helpline is here to help: +971 04 834 7374.